Taos Land & Film Company: Where Taos Land Sales Fund Independent Films


The Taos Talking Picture Film Festival ran from 1994 to 2003 with a peak budget of $750,000 in 2002. It attracted Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor, James Coburn and Julia Roberts.
The signature feature of the film festival was an Innovation Award of 5 acres of land in Taos amidst a growing film maker's colony atop Cerro Montoso from independent film maker Jeff Jackson and his Taos Land and Film Company.
Additionally, Taos Land & Film Company optioned the winning screenplays.
Taos Land & Film Company is currently working to revive the film festival and the popular land giveaway by offering movie goers a chance to win 5 acres atop beautiful Cerro Montoso during its upcoming Watch to Win promotion at Mitchell Theatres. The first Watch to Win film will be TLF's own Ghost Phone, starring Melissa Ordway and Nelson Franklin
Taos Talking Picture Festival
PRIZE: 5 acres in the filmmaker colony atop Cerro
Montoso mountain
and screenplay option from
Taos Land & Film Company.
1996 - Gary Walkow, "Notes from Underground"
1997 - Connie Marks, "Green Chimneys"
1998 - Chris Eyre, "Smoke Signals"
1999 - David Riker, "La Ciudad"
1999 - Buzz Nutley, "Raw Talent" (Screenplay)
2000 - Daniel Yoon, "Post Concussion"
2001 - Lukas Moodysson, "Together"
2002 - Ralph Ziman, "Zookeeper"
2003 - Campbell Scott, "Off the map"