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Perdido: A Screen Adaptation of the Rick Collignon Murder Mystery Set in North-Central New Mexico
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Perdido will become one of Taos Land & Film's next online crowd-funding efforts with a planned Kickstarter Campaign to adapt this compelling murder mystery set in northern New Mexico to the screen.


Set in an isolated valley in north-central New Mexico, where it seems that no sooner has one winter faded that another begins, comes a haunting murder mystery in the truest sense, based on true events, and repleat with characters and imagery that won't soon fade from thought.
Not only was this valley lost...
...but so was everyone in it.
The screen adaptation — now in development — is based closely on the novel by Taos, New Mexico author and contractor Rick Collignon, about a young gringo named Will Sawyer (who we would love to have portrayed by Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul) quietly struggling to find his place in a predominantly hispanic world.
But Will's strategy of laying low and minding his own business becomes undermined by his growing obsession with the tale of a young white girl found hanging from a remote bridge many decades before. This newfound curiosity earns the ire of several locals, chief among them retired and widely respected Sheriff Ray Pacheco, who was on call during the chilling event. The escalating tension finally explodes when Will stumbles upon photographs of the murder scene in a dilapidated and nearly forgotten town records building.
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Taos Land abd Film has received a letter of intent from Sandra Echeverria to play  the supporting actress role of Lisa in the film Perdido. In addition to coveting Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul, currently starring in the blockbuster series Breaking Bad, Taos Land & Film Company is proud to announce the intent of Latin-American superstar Sandra Echeverria in the role of Will's fiery girlfriend Lisa. Sandra is a smart and savvy actress with an explosive personality that is perfectly suited for this dynamic role.
We are pushing for actor Aaron Paul in the lead role of Will Sawyer in Perdido
Aaron Paul — Top of the wish list is for Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul to play the lead role of Will Sawyer.
We see actor Benicio Del Toro in the supporting role of Sheriff Ray Pacheco in Perdido
Benicio Del Toro — We see Benicio Del Toro in the supporting role of Sheriff Ray Pacheco.
We all agree actor Edward James Olmos would be perfect in the role of Telesfor the storyteller in Perdido
Edward James Olmos — We all agree actor Edward James Olmos would be perfect in the role of Telesfor the storyteller.
In part 1 of this exclusive interview, author Rick Collignon takes a ride with director Jeff Jackson out to the John Dunn bridge as a setting to discuss a girl who was found hanging from a remote bridge in the Questa area many years ago. Rick describes how he learned about the event and how it became the inspiration for his classic novel, Perdido, currently being adapted to the screen by Jackson and the Taos Land & Film Company. [ Rick Collignon Interview: Part 2 ]

Perdido. By Rick Collignon
Rick Collignon is widely admired for the humility and affection with which he renders his characters and the accuracy with which he depicts the unique people, climate, and customs of north central New Mexico.
We strongly recommend that you immerse yourself in Perdido ahead of the film and follow along with other works by Rick. He truly is a local treasure.