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Brad Garrett of CBS-TV's Everybody Loves Raymond
from Taos Land & Film Co.
Brad Garrett
Richard Portnow
Grace Cavanaugh
Rob Roy Fitzgerald
William Long Jr.
Paul Williams
Nicole Arbusto
Joy Dickson
visual effects
Joseph Abraham Dean
director of photography
Mark Parry
production designer
John Josselyn
edited by
Tracy Adams
music by
Tim Bryson
Tracy Adams
associate producer
Tracy Adams
produced by
Josh Woodward
John King
executive producer
Jeffrey F. Jackson
screenplay by
Jeffrey F. Jackson
directed by
Jeffrey F. Jackson
"Writer/director Jeffrey Jackson's new movie stars Brad Garrett (of TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond" fame) and comely newcomer Grace Cavanaugh in a dark satire about paranoid, delusional American blue-collar workers living with the constant fear that one of their own will be "going postal."
The tone in this ensemble pressure cooker shifts between hilarious and disturbing, and Jackson makes sure he thoroughly honors a cardinal rule of successful independent moviemaking--his film is never boring...Postal Worker is fascinating both for its take on life in late 20th century American society and its jugular revelations about the dark side of human nature."
Tim Rhys, Editor, MovieMaker Magazine
(January 1998)
"Dark and visciously funny... A film that goes where Tarantino would not dream of going."
Rod Lurie, Critic KABC-Radio


Starring Brad Garrett of CBS-TV's Everybody Loves Raymond. That's right; before Brad took on the role of lovable but overshadowed brother to Ray Romano, he portrayed another decidedly less lovable public servant named Oren Starks in Taos Land & Film's Postal Worker, which enjoyed an 18 month run on HBO.
Brad Garrett as Oren Starks stalks Grace Cavanaugh in Postal Worker (AKA Going Postal) Oren (Brad Garrett) stalks Tammy (Grace Cavanaugh) at her home. Click to view the Postal Worker movie trailer
"I have a good mind!", Garrett defiantly and dementedly bellows in the role of Starks, doing more to reveal his instability and low self-esteem than to set anyone at ease. In this film, which might be characterized as a dark romantic-comedic action thriller, Jackson explores his fascination with criminal mental illness, but not just as an idle curiosity. The director has a past that includes serious studies in human behavioral psychology, and has even dedicated time at a maximinum security prison to put the prevailing rehabilitation theories to the test.
Brad Garrett as Oren Starks in Postal Worker
Neither Rain, nor Snow
Nor Hail of Bullets!
The film chronicles the gradual disintegration of a hard-working American government worker just trying to do good. Oren's descent runs parallel to an obsession with an attractive co-worker, who he maintains a decidedly imaginary relationship with, to his ultimate dissapointment.
Themes of self-destruction, mental illness, obsession, dysfunctional relationships, deception, criminailty and violence run through most of Jackson's films. In Callers, now in post-production, the main character enters a mental institution to evaluate his sanity after the sudden loss of his wife results in a disturbing long distance relationship with her via the cell phone she left behind. And currently in pre-production, a film about a damaged young man whose obsession with a wild teen hottie drives him to madness, titled Everything Beautiful is Far Away.
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Postal Worker (DVD)
Postal worker Oren Starks (Brad Garrett) is a ticking time bomb scheduled to go over the edge in this dark comedy about mass murder in the workplace. (94 min)
Postal Worker: Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Hail of Bullets
Postal Worker. Short Film starring Teck Murdoch. AKA Going Postal
Before the full-length feature was produced, this intense short starring Teck Murdock was releaaed on 35mm. Tragically, the Columbine school shootings occurred just weeks after completion, instantly making dark comedies about mass murder wildly unpopular. Needless to say, this posed some challenges for the marketing and distribution plans. Thus began the curse of Postal Worker, which also includes a recalcitrant lead actress, a sudden heart attack, and a near bankruptcy.
"You could end up in hell just by watching this film"
— Jeff Jackson
For more details on the curse of Postal Worker and commentary on some of Jackson's earlier films, view the making of Postal Worker interview The making of Postal Worker, AKA Going Postal, with director Jeff Jackson and actor Teck Murdock.
A time-bomb is ticking in our little post office and his name is OREN STARKS (Brad Garrett) a disgruntled Postal Worker. His estranged co-workers don't wonder if he's going to go off, it's when? Oren fits the profile of a new breed of killers in America -- Unhappy workers who can no longer handle the day to day frustrations and stress of being a factory man. Something in the brain pan short circuits and the paranoid delusions begin.
Postal Worker is a dark, yet sick comedy that takes place in a small post office which the US Postal Service has chosen to launch it's landmark research study led by award-winning psychotherapist, DR. NICOLAS BRINK (Richard Portnow). Brink's controversial techniques are going to create a "psychological vaccine" to defuse these human time-bombs which seem to be "going postal" at an alarming rate.
What ensues is the revelation that almost everyone is under incredible stress as we follow the workers during the week leading up to April 15th, Tax Deadline Day, the busiest day of the year for the post office. Obsessions, perverse love triangles combust as TAMMY SKYE (Grace Cavanaugh) has transferred into this post office after having survived an earlier massacre in another state. She loves her work and just wants to be left alone, but, that doesn't fit the standard profile of these human nutshells about to crack. Oren is convinced that he and Tammy are meant to be the sole survivors of Armageddon and will go on to spawn the new human race. Tammy becomes a victim, yet again, of a stalking, psychotic mailman.
Meanwhile, HARRY CASH (Rob Roy Fitzgerald), a washed up minor league baseball player, now turned lifer in the Service is eagerly courting Tammy, who is confused about her feelings towards him and proclaims that 'it's too soon' after her recent tragedies. Harry brings a gun to work to protect Tammy from Oren.
CALHOUN BENEDICT, (William Long Jr.), the Post Master is driving his entire staff of postal workers nuts by constantly monitoring their bathroom breaks. Somebody is going to go berserk, but, we're not sure who?
Postal Worker is an ensemble pressure cooker where each worker is drawn towards their fate by their own frustrations and frailties as they deal with the impending explosion.
The Center for Disease Control has declared workplace homicide an epidemic with over 750 homicides in 1992. The number one carrier for this homicidal disease is the US Postal Service. With over 750,000 employees, (the nation's largest civilian work force) we have a built in audience that will put Postal Worker head and shoulders over the competition coming out of the marketing gate in both theatrical and home video sales and rentals. Not to mention the demand overseas in foreign markets for a slice of true Americana psychosis. Postal Worker delivers - with a vengeance!